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Our Mission



Armoni Records label is the premier record label which brings clean music to the world.

Armoni Records was created by two childhood friends, Ira Doughty and Keith Saunders.  The label was initially created to produce great music but through the journey both owners sat down and started to really look at where music of the day has gone and the content that is being marketed and decided that they wanted to not only create a company that has good music but one that caters to a cleaner and thought provoking music.


Armoni Records is dedicated to launching artist who sing about and create music that is good, clean music that doesn’t need to be censored because of its content. The artists we get behind have a devotion to produce music and videos that are for the entire family to listen to, dance along with and groove to.


This is a huge undertaking because the current industry of today has set a standard that dictates the type of music we listen to and the videos we watch. We strive to bring back that sexy music to the world without having to be so explicit as it is pushed today.


We are confident that millions of others worldwide will support our plan with Armoni Records to create a New Standard for the standard in the music industry. Join us in this great journey to again, reshape this great industry we call Entertainment.

Meet The Team







 Ira Doughty A.K.A.”Nyah”, He started playing Drums and Keyboards at a very early age. In 1973 he started playing professionally becoming a freelance hired musician working with and recording for many different R&B groups, The Joneses, The Strikers, Denroy Morgan to name a few. Being a double threat musically led him to playing Drums for Various Reggae Superstars of the day. His vision was to create a Company that is diverse in it’s musical lineup along with his childhood friend Keith Saunders which led to ARMONI RECORDS. Still doing what he loves Music! Music! Music!










Keith Saunders, born in Brooklyn New York started his love for music early in life but followed a business approach as a road manager and later a manager and independent record label owner of “Brooktown Records”. Now along with his Partner Ira “Nyah” Doughty, creating ARMONI RECORDS as quoted by Keith is here to bring the Diversity and honesty back to this great thing we call music.












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